Responsible Data Forum

Event Date(s): 
March 6, 2014

Aspiration is excited to partner with the engine room to host the first-ever Responsible Data Forum.

The event will take place 6 March, 2014 at Preservation Park in Oakland, California.

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The Forum is an effort to develop useful tools and strategies for dealing with the ethical, security and privacy challenges facing data-driven advocacy. By bringing together activists, advocates, security thinkers, researchers and technology doers, the Forum will build on the challenges and experiences of actual advocacy, to nurture connections and develop reusable resources. See complete background…

The Responsible Data Forum is organized in conjunction with RightsCon 2014.


The event will begin with an interactive plenary where participants are invited to share perspectives and challenge one another’s assumptions on what “responsible data” means in practice. A set of framing sessions will then offer space to consider data responsibility in sectoral (e.g. human rights, development, transparency, etc.), geographic (national, regional, global), and situational (e.g. humanitarian response, direct action, campaigning, etc) contexts. The afternoon will focus on small working sessions where participants can pool knowledge, share practices and principles, map ideas and strategies, and discuss plans and activities moving forward from the event.

Topics and ideas likely to be addressed, modeled or prototyped during sessions include:

Sectoral and Programmatic Focus Areas

  • Ethical standards for collecting and sharing data in humanitarian response
  • Policy safeguards for sharing data between public and private institutions
  • Best practices for managing data generated by development programs
  • Methodologies for protecting stakeholders while conducting Human Rights documentation
  • Best practices for coordinating remote work and volunteering for advocacy and evidence generation
  • Guidelines for responible management of user data and engagement for websites and mobile apps
  • Red flags when designing and executing citizen monitoring and reporting platforms

Strategic Perspectives

  • Understanding of how to model data threats in your organizational and other contexts
  • Assessing the value, and the associated risks, inherent in the data use, store and publish
  • Designing and managing the data you use for advocacy to resist attack
  • Map of who is working on relevant responsible data issues today
  • Inventory of relevant resources and readings

Policy Considerations

  • Practical guidelines for privacy policies that work in practice
  • Understanding of what types of data not to collect or share
  • Managing and controlling organizational identity tied to hosted accounts that store strategic data
  • Data retention: Being clear about what data you keep, for how long, and what you do with “the rest”

Operations Best Practices

  • Understanding security and privacy in the cloud-what kind of data belongs there
  • Understanding of encryption basics and the role of encryption in responsible data usage
  • Practical backup models for distributed data
  • Modeling for success and disaster in your data advocacy
  • Checklist for selecting hosting and cloud solutions
  • Methods for anticipating what risks might be involved in using data
  • Processes to give stakeholders a say in how their data is managed and used
  • Strategies to track when your data is being reused and what for.

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The event hashtag is #responsibledata

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