Social Justice Technology Skillshare in Los Angeles

Past Event
May 6, 2015
Los Angeles, California USA

Our Social Justice Technology Skillshare took place at Mercado La Paloma in Los Angeles on Wednesday May 6, 2015.

This was a community-driven event designed for up to 30 organizations in LA to connect with other nonprofit and grassroots staff about leveraging technology and online communications to support social justice work.

eAdvocacy training in LA last spring


Thank you to all who participated.


What is on the agenda:

The sessions of the day were emergent, based on the needs, passions, and talents of the people in the room. We had conversations with folks before and during the event to build out the agenda. Sessions on the agenda included...

  • Online Organizing for Grassroots Campaigns
  • Digital Security and Privacy
  • Processes for Sustainable Online Communications
  • Project Management and Collaboration
  • Social Justice in California
  • Learning by Making: Hands-on workshops for sharing essential technology skills


  • Mercado La Paloma
    3655 S. Grand Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90007

There is no other place like Dev Summit. You have incubated a community that delivers so much goodness it’s remarkable. Thank you so much for stewarding this community and giving people like me a space to contribute and listen within it.

Ryan Ozimek, Soapbox Engage
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