Aspiration leads facilitation at Telecentre Leaders' Forum in Benin, West Africa

Event Date(s): 
November 27, 2006 to December 2, 2006

Aspiration was delighted to lead the facilitation at the Africa Telecentre Leaders' Forum 2006. The event convened telecentre practitioners, network leaders, researchers and development partners from across Africa and took place at Centre Songhai in Port Novo in Benin from November 28 - December 2, 2006. The Africa TLF was jointly organized by Centre Songhai, IDRC, Microsoft, OKN, SDC and UNESCO under the banner of

The primary goals of the event were to

  • Develop a spirit of networking, learning and collaboration within the African telecentre movement.
  • Provide leaders of telecentres and other Community ICT Centres a chance to gain practical skills and learn about new services that can be used in their own networks and telecentres.
  • Search for common solutions to challenges faced by African Community ICT Centres such as sustainability, content, services, connectivity and impact.
  • Encourage the development of concrete collaborative activities that offer solutions to these challenges.

Aspiration guided a 1-day facilitator training before the main event, and then collaborated with a team of 12 facilitators from all walks of telecentre life as they guided discussions and collaborative sessions. Interactive SpeekGeeks and Spectrograms kept the proceedings lively, and the agenda content was designed in large part by the participants at the Forum. The event was facilitated in a fully bilingual format, balancing French and English discourse and demonstration.

Complete information about the event can be found on the web site.
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