Penguin Days in the News: Penguin Day Portland

On Newsforge, an article on Penguin Day Portland:

Geeks, nonprofits parlay community at Penguin Day

"A couple of days before software movers and shakers got together to talk about changing industry with open source at OSCON, geeks and do-gooders and do-gooder geeks gathered to talk about changing the world with open source at the second Penguin Day event held in Portland last weekend.

The intent of the event, hosted by a group of Portland computer reuse raiders known as FreeGeek, was to find how nonprofits such as Multiple Sclerosis Society, Child Aid, Water Watch, and others can benefit from open source software and how the programming community and provider community can join their efforts, which are similar in ethos and economy.

The day-long event -- attended by more than 50 nonprofits, consultants, nonprofits that help nonprofits and the FreeGeek gang -- was highlighted by rows of old Compaq computers with Dell monitors, a good groove from facilitator Glenn "Gunner" Gunn of Aspiration, constant reference to the Penguin Day Wiki, good vegetarian eats, and some minds seriously open to open source.

"There are obstacles to be overcome, education that is needed, software to be written," said event main co-organizer David Pool at the outset. "What's it going to take to make open source happen for nonprofits?"

Good question. Those at Penguin Day, and perhaps their managers -- and more importantly their benefactors -- came closer to answering it after the friendly, feel-good event."

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