eAdvocacy Training Program

Aspiration has developed an eAdvocacy training program for grassroots nonprofits and we're offering trainings all over California and beyond!

Funded by Community Technology Foundation of California (CTFC) and designed in partnership with Radical Designs and ScoutSeven, the trainings seek to demystify the fast-evolving world of online organizing by explaining how to integrate internet tools into existing organizational campaigns and programs.

Our initial set of trainings, titled "Email For Advocacy and Community Organizing: Basics, Essentials, and Best Practices", have been delivered in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento and San Francisco to very positive response. In late September, we delivered our corresponding "Web Sites For Advocacy and Community Organizing" training in San Francisco and Los Angeles. We also plan to expand the curriculum to include "emerging" topics such cell phone activism, use of social networking tools, and blogging.

Topics covered in the trainings include:

  • An overview of email and web-based campaigns
  • Defining goals and mapping strategies
  • Summary of email and web campaign processes
  • Survey of tools used in online advocacy
  • How to write effective email campaign messages and web content
  • Measuring impact: tracking web site traffic, email open rates and campaign responses
  • Managing and sustaining email lists
  • Best practices for privacy, security, and avoiding “spammer” status.

If you'd like more information about the trainings, please contact us! The library of materials can be viewed on the Aspiration web site, and we heartily encourage their reuse and enhancement!