Building the Social Source Commons

Aspiration is proud to introduce our Social Source Commons (SSC) platform. SSC has been designed to map out the universe of software relevant to nonprofits, providing those who need information on available tools with access to lists of what's out there, and rich links to relevant documentation, community resources, services and events.

We've got over 800 nonprofit software tools already documented and "tagged" for easy browsing, and new tools and useful links are added every day by community users. We encourage you to have a look and tell us about tools we're missing!

We’re focused on empowering eRiders and NPO/NGO technologists by documenting the landscape of software technology, and we've based the design on sites that inspire us with their collaborative editability, democratic categorization schemes, and ease of use, such as,, and

We invite you to create an account to track and tell other nonprofit techies about the software tools you use and love! 

With SSC, you can build a personalized toolbox of software that you use or track and receive RSS notifications when new information is available about tools in your toolbox. All users can collaboratively edit rich information about each software package, in the spirit, and "tag" tools in with relevant keywords in order to better categorize and search for software. Users can browse all toolboxes in the community to see what others are using and tracking, and see usage patterns between different tools.

SSC is envisioned to connect and aggregate the rich but relatively unconnected array of NPO/NGO-focused software resources that already exist. There is much work to be done, but we're excited about the sharing that's already happening, and we look forward to making this a more useful resource for the community.