Groundspring's Advocacy Applications Released Under GPL

Jeff Reifman reports that the advocacy tools formerly developed by Groundspring -- EmailNow, DonateNow, and AdvocacyNow -- are released by him and Kellan under the free software GPL license.

AdvocacyNow is now available as eAdvocacy as a hosted solution at Jeff's Action Studio. The other two apps are unsupported at this moment, though a growing community is certainly possible. The source code is available here.

I am pretty excited about this development and look forward to exploring at greater length how DonateNow and EmailNow as well as eAdvocacy can be viable solutions for a broader set of nonprofits, especially in conjunction with tools such as CivicCRM, for example. The ecology of open source advocacy applications got suddenly a whole lot more interesting.

The fallout from Groundspring's last year is worth a case study for some brave soul. Meanwhile, I am thrilled to see that there is some turbidity -- which can lead to very creative things in this fluid field. Thanks, Jeff, for your efforts, work, and equinimity in making this happen.

AdvocacyDevII will be a good opportunity to explore this with friends and colleagues; hope to see you there.