Penguin Days Featured on "Mad Penguin"

Mad Penguin is featuring a series of interviews with Aspiration co-directors Allen Gunn and Katrin Verclas about Penguin Days and the Aspiration strategy and methodology of building an ecology of developers and users of software for nonprofit and social change organizations.

Reporter Christian Einfeldt writes: "If you thought that free open source software is a natural tool for non-profits, you were half right. The potential is there, but as this series of Mad Penguin™ interviews with the co-directors of the non-profit group called Aspiration Tech will show, we're really only about half way there in the journey to complete Tux's domination of the non-profit sector (and then the rest of the world). There's still a whole lot of teaching and learning that's gotta be done as the non-profit and free open source communities get to know each other better. And teaching is what Aspiration Tech is all about. In this series of two articles, Mad Penguin™ talks with the two co-directors of Aspiration Tech, Katrin Verclas, and Allen Gunn, aka “Gunner,” about the apparently mysteriously weak presence of free open source software in the non-profit sector (at least in North America) and what Aspiration Tech is doing about it."

Read the entire interview with Gunner here and with Katrin here.