Sessions - 2011 Nonprofit Software Development Summit

Here is what's on the slate for the 2011 Dev Summit, with more sessions being added every week.

We welcome additional session proposals! Just email us!

Nonprofit Software Essentials

  • The State of Nonprofit Software in 2011
    Facilitated by Aspiration and Friends
  • Introduction to Nonprofit Software
    Facilitated by Matt Garcia and Misty Avila, Aspiration
  • What are the Missing Tools?
    Facilitated by Aspiration and friends

Nonprofit Web Development

  • Harnessing Community Input to Inform Software Design
    Facilitated by Laney Strange, TechSoup Global
  • What's New with Drupal
    Facilitated by Neil Drumm,
  • Lessons from MapLight's Web Site Redesign
    Facilitated by Jay Costa, MapLight
  • Extreme WordPress Customization
    Facilitated by Zach Berke, Exygy
  • What's new with Joomla!?
    Facilitated by Ryan Ozimek, PICnet and Open Source Matters
  • Using Jenkins to Manage Scripts
    Facilitated by Neil Drumm,
  • Designers talking to Developers
    Facilitated by William Ramirez and DesignAction
  • BrowserID: An experiment in user-centric identity
    Facilitated by Rob Miller and fellow Mozilla developers
  • The web IS the platform: Open Web Apps
    Facilitated by Rob Miller and fellow Mozilla developers

eAdvocacy/Online Organizing

  • Envisioning the Perfect eAdvocacy Platform
    Facilitated by David Taylor, RainForest Action Network and Matt Holland,
  • Online Workflow for Environmental Campaigning
    Facilitated by David Taylor, Rainforest Action Network
  • Using Databases to Mobilize Communities
    Facilitated by Alice Aguilar and Josué Guillén, Progressive Technology Project
  • What it Takes to Win Online Campaigns
    Facilitated by Matt Holland,
  • Scaling the WiserLocals: Focusing on the Online/Offline Balance
    We are (face to face gatherings) around the globe (Brazil, Africa, Indonesia, India). Facilitated by Peggy Duvette, Wiser
  • Coordinating Your Online Channels
    Facilitated by Misty Avila, Aspiration
  • What is Up with eNewsletters These Days?
    Facilitated by Matt Garcia and Misty Avila, Aspiration

Nonprofit CRM

  • CiviCRM 101 - An Introduction to Open Source CRM
    Facilitated by CiviCRM team
  • CiviCRM 201 - Getting the Most Out of the Platform
    Facilitated by CiviCRM team
  • Extending Civicrm with use cases
    Mark Libkuman, OpenFlows
  • Managing Support, training and feature requests from civilians - Sharing lessons from the front lines
    Facilitated by Mark Sherman and Robyn Perry, Progressive Technology Project
  • Developing a synchronizing framework for CiviCRM - a desire to play with VAN, Salsa, Cicero and others
    Facilitated by Jamie McClelland, MayFirst/Progressive Technology Project
  • Managing 50 CiviCRM installations using aegir
    Facilitated by Jamie McClelland, MayFirst/Progressive Technology Project

Community and Technology

  • People-Powered Programs: How Pro-Social Projects are Harnessing Networks & Communities Of Practice To Get Things Done
    Facilitated by Marc Manashil, TechSoup Global
  • Volunteer Technology
    Facilitated by Ben Rigby
  • Motivating and Rewarding Knowledge Sharing
    Facilitated by Scott Bechtler-Levin
  • Introducing SocialCoding4Good
    Facilitated by Gerardo Capiel, Benetech
  • How can we co-promote projects and agendas both with and without using social media?
    Facilitated by Mathew Dryhurst, Craigslist Foundation
  • Book Sprints and the importance of high quality technical documentation for non-profit open source projects
    Facilitated by Tomas Krag

Technology Decision Support and Workflow

  • Managing Projects with Both Paid Labor and Volunteers
    Facilitated by Mark Libkuman, OpenFlows
  • What Should a Web Site Cost?
    Facilitated by Allen Gunn, Aspiration
  • Writing Contracts and Maintenance Agreements
    Facilitated by Mark Libkuman, OpenFlows
  • How to Manage Contractors and Developers
    Facilitated by Allen Gunn, Aspiration
  • What Should a Nonprofit Technology RFP Look Like?
    Facilitated by Matt Garcia and Allen Gunn, Aspiration

Mobile and Geo

  • The State of Mobile for Nonprofit Needs
    Facilitated by Evan Henshaw-Plath
  • How to Write Low-Cost SmartPhone Apps with Phone Gap
    Facilitated by Evan Henshaw-Plath
  • Protecting the Identity of Human Rights Activist When Using Mobile
    Facilitated by Nathan Freitas, Guardian Project
  • All About OpenStreetMap
    Facilitated by Schyuler Erle
  • Evaluating security risks when working with high-risk constituents
    Facilitated by Tomas Krag
  • Developing and Using Low-End Mobile Tools, Including SMS, SIM Toolkit, and Simple Apps
    Facilitated by Tomas Krag

Information and Identity

  • What's new with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and How Can You Help?
    Facilitated by Cindy Cohn, EFF
  • Writing Code to Visualize Networks
    Facilitated by Skye Bender-Demoll
  • What does Strategic Hosting look like in 2010?
    Facilitated Sysadmins at the Summit
  • What is up with Online Identity?
    Facilitated by Evan Henshaw-Plath
  • Does Cloud Make Sense for Activists?
    Facilitated by Online Organizers at the event

Business and Sustainability

  • Growing and Shrinking your Tech Co-op/Development shop
    Facilitated by Mark Libkuman, OpenFlows
  • What it Means to do Lean Startup
    Facilitated by Ben Rigby
  • Business Models Round Table
    Facilitated by Scott Bechtler-Levin

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