Aspiration Online Identity Services

As the internet becomes ever more central to the way we conduct both our professional and personal affairs, the issue of how individuals and organizations are identified and located online becomes more of a concern.

At the same time, due to the constantly evolving nature of the net, many online identities are assembled piecemeal over time – a web mail account here, a blog hosted there, social network accounts all over, and not nearly everything marshaled under a coherent address or brand. And far too many components of online identity are proxied to companies that don’t have your best interests foremost in their priorities.

Many nonprofits don’t take time to plan and protect their online identities, from the mundanities of proper domain registration and hosting to the more nuanced aspects of proper online branding and image. Aspiration offers both auditing and creation services for orgs and individuals wanting to take control of their online identity and chart a course to sustainable management of online presence.


We are still evolving the online identity services we offer, but the following represent our core offering:

  • Online brand creation: Whether you are an individual or an organization, it’s tough to create a unified, coherent online presence. We love walking folks through the essential steps and best practices for establishing an integrated, sustainable online presence.
  • Online identity audit: We inventory online channels and identifiers and make recommendations for improvement and security.
  • Identity management: Online identity is a multi-faceted thing, and coordinating and properly factoring this identity is challenging. We provide templates, tools and techniques for effectively utilizing a unified online identity
  • Identity maintenance: We teach organizations how to properly maintain and protect online identity, including proper domain registration and ownership, appropriate and reliable hosting, and contact information.

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