Open Source in London: Social Source 2005

Our friends in London are hosting the second London Social Source event, in affiliation with the global Penguin Day movement.

Adrian from LASA writes:

Social Source UK 05 is for those interested in the potential of free & open source software and methods for the voluntary and non-profit sector.

Programme for SocialSource 2005:

  • introductions for those who have had no hands-on contact with Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS)
  • case studies
  • details of projects going on within the sector using F/OSS tools.
  • demonstrations of Open Source software in action
  • opportunities for discussion.

All are welcome to attend, whether new to Open Source or already involved in projects, with key stakeholders envisaged as those:

  • involved in the voluntary/non-profit sector with an interest in their organisations’ effectiveness and/or technology (e.g. IT/Resource managers, funders…) - heard of Open Source but not sure what it is? - come along to find out more)

  • supporting technology within organisations (“accidental techies”, IT staff, circuit riders (the event takes place on the day after the London Circuit Rider Conference), trainers, support companies and consultants - not sure what F/OSS has to offer? - come along and see!)

  • already involved with Open Source technology via support or development - meet others in the sector, come and raise awareness, or find out more about the needs of the voluntary sector.

More information is at

<div class="flexinode-textarea-3"><div class="form-item"> Sponsors:<br /> <p>The event is free to participants thanks to the support of the ICT Hub. </p> </div> </div> <div class="flexinode-textarea-4"><div class="form-item"> Organizers:<br /> <p>Volunteers from and LASA. Social Source is affiliated with the global Penguin Day movement and Lasa&rsquo;s Circuit Rider Conference.</p> </div> </div> <!-- end content --> <!-- end middle content --> <div class="cleaner">&nbsp;</div> <p>&nbsp;</p>