Meet Allen Gunn, facilitator of the TAI Global Gathering

Authored by Elizabeth Moses. Published Sep 30, 2014.
Meet Allen Gunn, facilitator of the TAI Global Gathering

The 5th TAI Global Gathering, taking place in Bogotá, Colombia, October 29th-31st, 2014 is fast approaching. This year’s event, Using Information, Data and Technology to Protect Forests and Strengthen the Rights of Forest-Dependent Communities,” will bring together over 90 civil society organizations, community members, and indigenous groups from around the world to explore new innovations for using technology to share information about forests, encourage government transparency and participation, and improve accountability of natural resources decisions. The Gathering will be facilitated by Allen Gunn also known as “Gunner”, Executive Director of Aspiration Technology. Aspiration Technology has a long history working with civil society and has hosted almost 300 interactive and collaborative events in more than 40 countries across the globe. We met with Gunner to ask him some really important questions about what to expect from the Global Gathering, his “unconference” facilitation philosophy, and the important role he will play in ensuring a successful Global Gathering.

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