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Aspiration is led by a team of committed individuals who are passionate about improving nonprofit technology for social change, and we benefit from the expertise of an active and involved board of directors.

Penguin Days in Texas: Open Source for Nonprofits Goes South


Jon Lebkowsky
Polycot Consulting, L.L.C.
512 762-6547 or 512 482-0715

Aspiration: Better Tools for a Better World

Austin, Texas, October 14, 2005 Software developers, activists and nonprofits gather at Penguin Days ( in Austin and San Antonio to demystify open source software for social change.

Penguin Days explore open source software for nonprofits and help socially-minded 'geeks' find ways to support public interest organizations.


"Amazing facilitation, inspiring participants and open sharing of knowledge. It's always the highlight of my year."

Courtney Miller, Floatleft
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