Open Call for Inaugural Policy Leadership Cohort

Aspiration's Policy Leadership Program is seeking participants for our first-ever Policy Leadership Cohort (PLC); an opportunity for emerging leaders to meet, learn, and build connections with each other as they deepen their policy knowledge and enhance their policy practices.

The PLC is designed to support practitioners at all stages in their policy journey as they work through challenges and opportunities in doing the work of reforming laws and policies relating to technology, justice, and human rights; navigating policy and policymaking fora; and deepening strategic and systemic change to build a more just and equitable digital future.

This is an opportunity to sharpen existing skills and acquire new knowledge, tactics, and approaches to deepen strategies and enhance policy outcomes for digital policy in Europe and beyond. You can learn more below.

Expressing your interest

The deadline for expressing interest in our first Policy Leadership Cohort has passed. We will continue to accept expressions of interest on a rolling basis, for potential inclusion in future cohorts.

You can review the questions we ask those interested to answer, and submit your Expression of Interest. if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to

Selected participants for the first cohort will be invited to join that cohort by the end of August, and the cohort will officially launch in September.

For those not invited into the first cohort, we plan to offer learning and engagement opportunities for all those who submit an expression of interest.

Still have questions? Have a look at our Policy Leadership Cohort Frequently Asked Questions.

Who we are hoping to work with in our Policy Leadership Cohort

Many people with complementary skills and experience are facing similar challenges in advancing equitable and strategic policy outcomes that reflect the broad needs of under-represented voices and communities. We believe we can help each other work through these challenges. Working as a cohort, participants will gain a deeper understanding of digital policy strategy in a practical sense and get help, expertise, and support from a group of similarly situated practitioners.

We welcome expressions of interest from anyone for whom one or more of the following questions apply and resonate:

  • Are you new to a policy related role, or have interest in being a digital policy practitioner?
  • Do you have interest in better understanding how to more confidently engage in EU level policy advocacy, which includes navigating the institutions, refining narratives, sharpening negotiation skills, building policy strategies, and cultivating networks?
  • Are you wrestling with challenges relating to your policy journey, whether it be a role transition, an organisational struggle, finding a work/life balance that is sustainable, or fostering a work environment that is rewarding and nurturing?
  • Would you value an opportunity to develop skills and practices that can build your confidence and your capacity to support your partners, collaborators, and enhance policy outcomes?
  • Do you face internal or external resistance in driving change forward and would benefit from forums of conversation to overcome some of these obstacles?
  • Do you want to speak and learn from others facing similar or related challenges?

We are mindful of the privilege often afforded to those who work in public policy. The PLC is striving to manifest a diverse and equitable cohort by prioritising participants who have strong potential to positively impact front-line and marginalised communities, toward advancing the agency, confidence and impact of underrepresented voices in policymaking spaces and those who are subject to technology harms.

Who we are not looking to work with at this time: We may broaden the PLC in the future to include individuals from other sectors, including government institutions, the media, and industry, but in this phase we are seeking participation from actors from civil society including NGOs, collectives, and independent activists.

More Details about the Cohort

The Policy Leadership Cohort brings together Aspiration’s field-leading and tested frameworks for peer learning, and facilitators with practical experience and expertise in public policy.

The first cohort will consist of 6 virtual sessions ranging between 60 to 90-minutes each. Sessions will be calendared once the cohort is complete. Although this cohort will be in English, we encourage expression of interest in other languages to inform design of future cohorts.

The structure and format of the sessions will be co-designed with confirmed participants. All sessions will be participatory and interactive, focused on peer learning, problem-solving and co-creation of strategies and approaches.

There is no fee to participate. We are conscious that interested participants may come from under-resourced or volunteer organisations, and/or those who may be doing policy on an independent basis. We are happy to discuss how we may support your participation whether through honouraria or other resources and support.

If this resonates with you, fill out the Policy Leadership Cohort Expression of Interest.

About the Policy Leadership Program

Our Policy Leadership Program intends to support and enhance a greater plurality of voices, identities, experiences which would enrich essential digital policy conversations, and ultimately drive meaningful policy change on the European level and beyond.

You can reach us to learn more or schedule a conversation by emailing

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