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Aspiration provides a number of free services to nonprofits, activists and foundations. The following is an overview of our free service offerings.

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Technology Price Checks and Quickie Proposal Reviews

One of the most disempowering things about doing nonprofit tech is not knowing. Not knowing what things should cost, or how they should be implemented or specified, or who to even ask about such things.

We track both going rates and best practices for nonprofit technology delivery, and we're always glad to spot-check a quoted rate or eyeball a proposal to see if it looks like the real deal.

NPTech Career Advice

For folks interested in applying their technology skills to nonprofit causes, it's not always clear how to plug in and what to expect. Nonprofits don't work or think like for-profits or other types of organizations when it comes to technology and associated resources.

We are always happy to paint a realistic picture, offer suggestions on small, well-defined ways to move nonprofit tech careers forward, and make introductions and connections where appropriate.

Technology Divorce and Relationship Counseling

It's hard enough getting the right technology in place for nonprofits, and thus rare are the projects where the "what if this doesn't all work out perfectly" conversations and agreements are part of the planning and deployment. Issues of ownership, control, brand, communications and privacy all come into play when technology partnerships and relationships are not working well or need to end.

We specialize in both advising individuals and facilitating productive, respectful dialog between stakeholders when the non-technical parts of tech get tough. We can advise on equitable divisions of resources and governance control, as well as ways to maximize work done to date and avoid project dead ends.

NPTech Brainstorming and Referrals

Sometimes nonprofit techies just need to ask a question or find a new approach or a new partner to solve a problem.

We are always glad to pick up the phone, listen actively and opine with benevolent bias on the full range of nptech issues, technologies, and players.

And when we don't know enough to be useful, we can usually connect you with someone who does.

So many good folks + topics at the summit!! I love the community you have fostered x1B. I came out so energized. Met new folks who I now love, and reconnected with old folks who I hadn't seen in *years*. w00t w00t and triple w00t!

Zach Berke, Exygy
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