What Should a Web Site Cost?

Aspiration was delighted to accept Network for Good's invitation to speak in their "Nonprofit 911" free training series, on the topic of "What Should a Web Site Cost?". The transcript, podcast, and tastefully minimalist slideware are all available for download.

Executive Director Allen Gunn addressed two of the most pervasive sources of angst in nonprofit technology budgeting: web site creation and redesign. There are in fact relatively few well-defined models for specifying, costing and managing web site projects in a transparent fashion, let alone ones that engage all organizational stakeholders in the process. Cost overruns are the norm, and processes for dealing with the evolving feature definition of most sites are usually elusive at best.


p>The session focused on three primary aspects of the issue:

  • A range of cost points for different types of web sites, from basic "brochure-ware" to higher-end web applications
  • Ideas on different project models and cost curves associated with different types of web site technologies
  • Philosophical approaches to framing and managing Web projects to maximize internal and external approval while constraining cost

In addition, we listed many of the web site implementors that love to work with and recommend to others.

We thank Network for Good for letting us share our take on web site costing and associated dynamics of nonprofit technology!