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Aspiration Manifesto

Aspiration is a values-driven nonprofit technology organization. Our work, our passion, and our focus derive from a set of philosophies that come down to a single unassailable conviction: technology and technologists should be in service to nonprofits and their missions, not the other way around.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, or at least readily verifiable via grizzled veterans of nonprofit technology struggles:

RFP Coaching and Training

Over the past 5 years, we have worked with dozens of nonprofits and foundations on researching, specifying, and delivering a range of technology solutions, from basic web sites to larger software applications.

A critical component of any nonprofit technology project requiring the services of an implementation partner is the generation of a complete and accurate Request for Proposal (RFP) document that specifies exactly what the needed solution should do and support, and how the nonprofit desires to engage the implementor.

Open Translation Tools

Aspiration is a leading advocate for Open Translation, a nascent field of practice emerging at the crossroads of three dynamic movements of the information and internet eras: Open Content, Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS), and Open/Peer Production.

ZeroDivide Strategic eAdvocacy Trainings, Spring 2008 - Materials

Aspiration and Radical Designs enjoyed another California-wide road trip to offer one-day trainings on “eAdvocacy: Basics, Best Practices and New Tools.” Trainings were held in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. The trainings were offered to help members of the ZeroDivide community understand how to use email and the internet more effectively for advocacy, while also raising awareness about emerging technologies.

ZeroDivide Strategic eAdvocacy Trainings, Spring 2008

PLEASE NOTE: Trainings in San Francisco and Los Angeles are now fully enrolled. New registrants in those cities will be placed on the waiting list and notified the week of the trainings.

Aspiration and Radical Designs invite members of the ZeroDivide network in California to participate in our upcoming one-day trainings on “eAdvocacy: Basics, Best Practices and New Tools.” Trainings will be offered in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco in June 2008.

100 programmers 48 hours Open Source and Nonprofits will never be the same

Silona Bonewald writes:

"*The League of Technical Voters is sponsoring a programmer lock in!*

*What:* We are going to lock in 100 programmers for 48 hours developing Open Source Software for non-profit organizations.

*When:* October 13-15th 2006

*Where:* Austin Texas at Ventana Del Sol

*Why:* To make the world a better place, have a great time, and look cool doing it.  To top it off, Austin Texas is great in October!

*How:*  Sign up, catch up, and pipe up!  Password is: transparency


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