How to Create a Message Calendar

Event Date(s): 
October 26, 2011
26 October, 2011

Is all of your online campaign and organizational messaging scheduled and tracked on a unified calendar that is visible to all stakeholders? This session will explain the process of creating and maintaining a messaging calendar. In addition, design of “narrative arc” will be described and correlated to calendaring strategies. Participants will be invited to construct their own draft calendars for the campaign or other online communications for which they are currently responsible.

Join us for this training designed for non-profit organizations who are concerned with their online campaigning strategy and communications. While there will be some technical content, the primary focus will be on strategic use of processes and best practices for online campaigning, so don't be scared if you have little tech background.

The training is small and no experience is necessary, space is limited. Laptops are not required, but you may bring one for the Message Calendaring session. We can provide laptops at the training too.

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Wednesday, October 26th
2:00 - 4:00pm


San Francisco Non-Profit Tech Center
1370 Mission St.
4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103