Coordinating Your Online Communications Channels with a Publishing Matrix

Event Date(s): 
September 20, 2011

Many nonprofits find it confusing to manage and effectively coordinate organizational messages and campaigns across the mind-numbing plethora of social media outlets, blogs and communications channels. This training gives nonprofits a framework in which to look at different communications channels as effective for organizational goals. Participants will learn how online communications tools differ and relate to one another in terms of characteristics like tone, frequency and level of control. In this hands-on workshop, participants put together actual tools that they can use as an organization to inform and structure processes surrounding how, when and why to use their choice of communications channels.

This training also gives participants a structure in which to think of these channels so that it is no longer a huge array of strangely-named tools to learn. Rather, a selection of tools for an organization to choose from to achieve broader organizational goals.

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Wednesday, September 28th
2:00 - 4:00 pm


San Francisco Non-Profit Tech Center
1370 Mission St.
4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

The training is small and no experience is necessary, space is limited. Laptops are not required, but you may bring one for the Publishing Matrix session. We can provide laptops at the training too.