Aspiration Mentoring Program - Testimonials


p>The following testimonials are taken from participants in Aspiration's eAdvocacy and Socia Media Mentoring Program.

  • Prior to working with Aspiration, Greenlining’s online presence was incredibly limited. Our website was highly problematic and we didn’t have any presence on social networking sites. But learning these tools and embracing best practices in only one piece of the puzzle. Just as important, Aspiration has also helped Greenlining make the culture shift necessary to not only use these tools but implement them in a holistic manner. Online communication is no longer an afterthought but instead an important part of any advocacy campaign we develop. Aspiration has not only shown us the doorway but provided us with the key to unlock the infinite powers of online advocacy. The opportunity to participate in Aspirations 2009 Cohort has truly transformed and revolutionized the work that we do. I can only imagine the challenges that other non-profits face in accessing these powerful tools and hope that other groups have the opportunity to participate in future cohorts
    –- Braelan Murray, Greenlining
  • “Aspiration Tech has demystified some of the most important trends and tools for social justice today. The staff explains sometimes daunting technical processes well, they offer tons of support and they do it all with sense of humor! Greenaction would highly recommend Aspiration Tech.
    -- Sonya Mehta, Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice
  • Aspiration has guided us on the road to best practices, but most notably, they have helped us avoid the biggest online bloopers that helped us create a sustainable virtual presence."
    -- Misty Avila, CANFit
  • "Our involvement with the e-Advocacy project has been a totally positive one. The professional opinions and feedback from the Aspiration staff have resulted in concrete improvements to our recently revised website and new e-newsletter. They have also steered us in planning and calendaring our messages to allow for consistent contact with our constituency as well as a consistent and clear message. We truly appreciate and value our association with the current e-Advocacy cohort and look forward to continuing for a second year. We expect to be able to fine tune and expand our existing procedures and practices as well as institutionalizing what we have learned."
    -- Betty Cantrell, CANFit
  • “Imagine what the online presence of an under funded, successful, activist, grassroots environmental non-profit might look like, with technology-challenged leadership. To that picture, add staff that is mostly interested in campaigns and connecting with the residents of the low income communities of color they work with. Now imagine what such an organization’s website might look like (I invite you to check out Ask yourself, would such an organization have the capacity to launch an effective online campaign?

    The answer is YES! Astonishingly, it can be done. Thanks to the e-Advocacy Project (generously provided by Aspiration Tech and Radical Designs); Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice has surprised itself and its online audience by sending regular emails (action alerts, appeals and news). We have done so with an eye towards a narrative arc, with consistently formatted html emails, sent out on a professional service that protects us from ever being labeled spammers again. The heroes that have made this feat possible are the staff of the e-Advocacy Project. The trainers have been models of patience and positive reinforcement, employing responsive and interactive teaching that has been completely accepting and non-judgmental of the cohorts’ different levels of ability. The staff has been tremendously supportive at every step. The trainings, both group and 1-on-1, have each been carefully prepared to target the cohorts' needs. This program has not only been incredibly useful, educational and inspirational, it has also been a lot of fun. The lessons we have learned can be applied beyond the online advocacy campaign, to the organization as a whole.

    Greenaction is deeply grateful to each of the trainers, their support staff, and the funder that made it possible for us to join the e-Advocacy Project.

    -- Andrea Mok, Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice