No-Cost Offerings in May & June

In trying to meet nonprofit organizations where they are at on their tech capacity building journey, we are pleased to offer no cost services in a variety of formats. We welcome and encourage you to take advantage of our offerings, whether you can benefit most from joining in on a nonprofit tech seminar or webinar, or by taking advantage of our ad hoc support.

Aspiration’s Seminars and Webinars

We are pleased to hold space for nonprofits to come together for 1-hour, no-cost, lunchtime tech seminars and webinars. Every seminar and webinar is open to nonprofit staff to discuss organizational communications processes and strategies.

Tech Center Seminars:

Online Seminars:

Of course, don’t forget we are available every week during office hours. We also offer other free services for nonprofit and community organizations.

We are excited to offer these interactive offerings. Whether at the SF Tech Center or in the comfort of your favorite local cafe, grab lunch and join us.