Nonprofit Online Resources—Pre-Launch User Testing

We've been working on something that we're pretty excited about—a new part of our website that gathers all of our training resources in one place. We hope that making these resources accessible and sharable will complement our live trainings and encourage you to reuse and repurpose the resources as need. As we prepare to launch, we'd love to share our progress and get your feedback on our page mock-ups before going live!

Learning Resources Landing Page Mock-up

We've learned from experience that when developing new technology projects, potential users should be involved early in the process. We advocate for developing technology in a user-centered way that anticipates users' needs and gets feedback early and often. This allows you to rethink and revise as issues and suggestions arise. Like any nonprofit project built for the community, it should be created with the community, incorporating the insight of the people who will benefit most from the project.

Take a look at our initial page mock-ups on Flickr or Facebook, or the sample to the right. We encourage you to leave comments or email us your thoughts. If you'd like to walk through the mock-ups with us in person, let us know! Fresh coffee and other beverages will await you at the SF Nonprofit Tech Center.

Special thanks to everyone who has so generously offered feedback and guidance so far:

We're currently in touch with our amazing web developer, Courtney at Floatleft. She is patiently working with us to build the pages on our web site. Web development started only after we gathered a clear vision of our goals and priorities. Courtney's understanding of website building then informed how to best implement our vision. We appreciate her continued support.

Check out these resources if you're still curious about our project development process: