Aspiration's RFP Template


Too many nonprofit organizations go looking for technology solutions without first articulating what they are looking for. A properly completed Request for Proposal (RFP) is a critical component in acquiring properly specified technology.

Aspiration's RFP philosophy is one of "essential coverage", as opposed to "verbose completeness). The template provided here is designed to generate a 5-7 page RFP document that can be used to solicit proposals and lead to follow-on discussions with prospective implementors.

We have assembled this template by melding the best elements of other RFP's we have seen and been inspired by over the years. In particular, we would like to shout out appreciation and attribution to MGP DIRECT, INC, as we have drawn section headers and other language from documents they have produced.


Usage and Feedback

The Aspiration RFP Template is by no means appropriate for all nonprofit organizations, but is provided as a resource and starting point for organizations who want to improve and standardize the way in which they specify the technology that they source. We welcome feedback and questions!

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