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Extreme Usability Redux

From Eugene Kim, our partner at the last Usability Sprint: 

Extreme Usability Redux -

Another great FLOSS Usability Sprint is in the books. As usual, great people make for great gatherings, and this event was no exception. But we did have a new goal for this event, and it resulted in some different outcomes, many of which were related to this new notion of ExtremeUsability. (JOS)

MobileActive: Cell Phones for Civic Activism on WorldChanging

There is a nice write-up on WorldChanging about MobileActive, the convergence of mobile phone activists from around the world that we are convening with our friends at Green Media Toolshed. Emily Gertz, a woman I have long wanted to meet, writes: "Mobile phones: How we love their transformative potential on Worldchanging. With all the ways mobiles a becoming key tools for economic and political development world wide, it's probably a great time for strategic gatherings to share stories and lessions learned from the field."

Thanks, Mark Surman!

Mark Surman, our friend and ally from IDRC's network, gave us just the nicest plug ever. Thanks so much, Mark! Best of luck and good wishes as you embark on creating the telecentre network.

Nonprofit Software and Nonprofit Missions

Aspiration board member Michelle Murrain writes on her personal blog about Convio's recent decision to take on an anti-gay marriage organization as a client. She argues:

ExP estimates $43 billion in annual U.S.nonprofit IT spending

ExP estimates $43 billion in annual U.S.nonprofit IT spending - This from our friends Paul and Rem: Exponent Partners estimates that U.S. nonprofit organizations annually spend at least $43 billion on IT products and services. With 1.4 million organizations that make up 7.5% of the U.S. gross domestic product, this is a substantial market for technology vendors. However, the preponderance of small nonprofits, fragmented across many divergent subsectors, makes it a challenging market to serve. [Exponent Partners]

SMS Tools

There are a number of lists of tools and strategy on using short text messaging for advocacy and other nonprofit work.

AdvoacyDev generated a list of SMS Tools.

On Mobile Active, we are compiling resources and articles on using SMS for advocacy. Aspiration and Green Media Toolshed are hosting the site in conjunction with a strategy meeting of activists in Toronto in September 2005.

It includes a rich set of resources, articles, case studies, and tools.


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