Got creative insight? Our t-shirt needs you :^)

Our favorite Nonprofit Technology Development Summit is this November. We hope you'll join us to co-create the future of free and open tech.

But here's the situation—we need ideas for a new Aspiration t-shirt!

If you've been to our events, you know how enthusiastic we are about our shirts. Setting nonprofit techie fashion trends ain't easy, though. So we're hoping to get some collaborative ideas from y'all to make the next one happen.

We're open to creative insight, designs, and suggestions by anyone and everyone.

Our shirts tend to be homages to musical artists. Check out designs from previous years:

2013 t-shirt design 2014 t-shirt design

Got a design in mind? Email us with subject line "Aspiration t-shirt idea" or just click below. If you inspire something wonderful, we'll be sure to reciprocate your efforts. :)