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Aspiration is Capital-"F" Friends with Mozilla Service Week!

Aspiration is delighted to be working with Mozilla on Mozilla Service Week, taking place September 14-21, 2009.

We'll be hosting trainings at the San Francisco Nonprofit Technology Center to train other nonprofits on essential online strategy and data security topics.

Databases Working For the Environment

We love technology projects that work to support social change and community efforts.

Jordan Ramos, one of our newest team members, is working on a database and mapping project to support environmental sustainability in the Santa Cruz community of California.

Below is our chat with Jordan about his project. He is thinking out loud with you to give an introduction to his idea and an insider look of the steps to start a community-based technology project.

Kicking Off 2013 in the Bay

We could not be more jazzed about the way we've been spending our days lately. Here at Aspiration we've been very pleased to embark on a whirlwind tour of our Bay Area.

Thanks to the generous support of the Mitchell Kapor Foundation we have had the opportunity over the past few weeks to engage with some great organizations in a listening tour.

Open Source in London: Social Source 2005

Our friends in London are hosting the second London Social Source event, in affiliation with the global Penguin Day movement.

Adrian from LASA writes:

Social Source UK 05 is for those interested in the potential of free & open source software and methods for the voluntary and non-profit sector.

Programme for SocialSource 2005:

  • introductions for those who have had no hands-on contact with Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS)
  • case studies
  • details of projects going on within the sector using F/OSS tools.
  • demonstrations of Open Source software in action
  • opportunities for discussion.

All are welcome to attend, whether new to Open Source or already involved in projects, with key stakeholders envisaged as those:

Thanks, Mark Surman!

Mark Surman, our friend and ally from IDRC's network, gave us just the nicest plug ever. Thanks so much, Mark! Best of luck and good wishes as you embark on creating the telecentre network.

Three Pillars of Social Source

Gideon Rosenblatt's excellent paper on the state of nonprofit technology is a must-read for everyone interested in information technology for nonprofits. From the site:

Three Pillars of Social Source

In the world of scarce resources plaguing the nonprofit technology sector, we currently suffer from a conflation of roles. This paper outlines three functional roles that are essential for a vibrant nonprofit technology sector. These “three pillars” include the “application developer”, the “application integrator” and the “application hoster.” Drawing clearer distinctions between these roles will help nonprofit technology assistance providers clarify their organizational missions, which will reduce competitive overlap and pave the way for improved collaboration between organizations. These steps are absolutely necessary if we are to evolve the nonprofit technology sector into a more integrated “social source” movement dedicated to empowering the agents of social service and social change throughout our societies.

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