Aspiration Runs Joomla! Day Las Vegas

Event Date(s): 
April 4, 2009

Aspiration was honored and delighted to direct the festivities at Joomla! Day Las Vegas, held at the oh-so-Elvis-compatible Montelago Village Resort off the strip. The event focused on building knowledge about Joomla!, a GPL-licensed content management system which is proving increasingly popular for publishing nonprofit web sites.

The event brought together the Joomla! core development team, the Open Source Matters team, and almost 100 members of the Joomla! community to talk about all things Joomla!, including the upcoming 1.6 release, template and extension design, and plenty of participant-driven sessions.

Aspiration employed our open licensed, collaborative event methodology to drive a fast-paced agenda focused on knowledge sharing, interactivity and community building.

The extended post-event debrief took place at various collaborative venues along The Strip.