Fiscal Sponsorship - Services and Support

Aspiration provides a full and customizable slate of fiscal sponsorship services to mission-aligned technology, data, and digital rights projects. Services on offer include:

  • Full back-office financial operations:
    • Accounting, with detailed monthly reporting to projects
    • Dedicated bank accounts and credit cards for qualifying projects
    • Grants management and financial grant reporting
    • Friendly and easy expense management and reimbursement
    • Full-cycle contracts management, from inception to signing to oversight to close-out
    • Accounts payable and receivable, including invoice management and support for foreign currency transactions with a range of electronic payment options
    • Donations management, with dedicated per-project online donation capabilities using CommitChange
  • Human resources and employee benefits:
    • New employee onboarding
    • Payroll administration and tax filings
    • Health, dental, vision and life insurance benefits administration
    • Matching 401(k)

We also provide additional on-demand strategic support at no additional cost as part of our fiscal sponsorship program:

  • Strategic advising on:
    • Digital strategy, product definition and development
    • Narrative development and communications strategy
    • Community health and governance
    • Articulation of impact and evaluation
  • Strategic revenue development and fundraising support and mentoring, including:
    • Engaging donors with creativity, compassion, and partnership
    • Wielding narrative frameworks to deliver your case for support
    • Major donor campaigns
    • Grant writing and pipeline management
  • Business and financial leadership mentoring:
    • Budgeting and cost modeling
    • Revenue diversification and cash flow management
    • Proposal development and contract negotiation
  • Long-term organizational development, incubation and 501(c)(3) spin-out:
    • Mission and vision development and refinement
    • Multi-year strategic planning
    • Management role definitions and formalization
    • Advising on 501(c)(3) incorporation and spin-out
    • Advising on and supporting set up of operational infrastructure including accounting, contracting, and HR systems, as well tax and audit services
    • Providing finance and operations process and workflow documentation to support smooth spin-out transitions

We strive to meet your needs so you can realize your vision

Our fiscal sponsorship rates are structured on a sliding scale, based on a number of factors including project resources, scope and types of support requested, amounts and types of funding to be administrated, as well as specific considerations associated with each project.

We work closely with each project we sponsor to understand their needs and tailor support to help them build toward their vision. We strive to be flexible and collaborative in all our fiscal sponsorship relationships.

We approach our sponsorships as long-term partnerships, and support projects and leaders long after they have spun out or transitioned to different organizational contexts. We model our role as one of movement building and ecosystem development, and measure our success based on our projects' ultimate ability to stand on their own and contribute to broader justice, climate and human rights efforts.

If you are seeking or considering fiscal sponsorship, we are always up for a conversation to discuss your goals, needs and questions. Feel free to reach out to us at

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