Sep 15, 2011

Email Newsletters for Nonprofits Training Material

Thank you for attending the September 14, 2011 Fresno training, Email Newsletters for Nonprofits, as part of the Central Valley eAdvocacy Program. View the event details here.

We hope you found the training useful and now have a better understanding of how to start an email newsletter at your organization.

The following are the materials used during the training. These materials are distributed under a Creative Commons license, and we encourage re-use, modification, and re-distribution in any situation where they may be useful.

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Join the California eAdvocacy Discuss List; an email list for those doing online advocacy in the Central Valley. A space to collaborate, ask questions, discuss online strategy and connect with others.

We will continue to create discussions and feature opportunities to get your questions answered about online communications. Any feedback is much appreciated!

The Central Valley eAdvocacy Program is generously funded by the California Consumer Protection Foundation. Big thanks to the Center for Multicultural Cooperation for their great support and the Boys and Girls Club for providing the event space.

Gunner and the Aspiration team have been an incredible inspiration and resource for us at OpenNews. From facilitating at events like MozFest, we learned about inclusive, engaging, collaborative event design that has shaped our own event SRCCON and influenced the community we serve in journalism.

Erika Owens, OpenNews
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