End of Year Communications Webinar Series Materials

As the end of the year arrives, nonprofit staff and volunteers often feel an increase in the pressure to produce effective engagement with supporters. If you find yourself in this position, we want to help you. We’ve put together these no-cost, 1 hour online seminars to plan and implement efficient communications practices so that the messages you use to tell your story flow more smoothly and with greater impact.

We hope that participation in this series of online seminars to strengthen your end of year communications by strategizing and coordinating how you’ll tell your story and engage supporters.

Here are the training materials from the End of Year Communications Webinar Series. We hope that you found the information to be useful and learned some tips to effectively communicate and engage supporters in your end of year campaigns.

Telling Your Online Story

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Leveraging Opportunities Across Online Channels

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Listening Online to Message More Effectively

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E-Newsletters for Fundraising

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These materials are distributed under a Creative Commons license, and we encourage re-use, modification, and re-distribution in any situation where they may be useful.