Summer Webinars on Communications Strategy

Advocate, organize, and communicate effectively online by developing assets with these Effective Communications Processes Webinars.

We designed this slate of trainings to help organizations to get the most out of their online channels, by building a community and moving people to action. We hope you can join us!

Strengthen your communications processes, coordinate organizational storytelling, measure your success, and build nimble yet effective communications plans with these trainings.

Effective Communications Processes Webinars

  • Getting Started with a Communications Strategy

    Kick start your communications plans and learn how Aspiration’s Effective Communication Processes work together with this introductory online training. These processes will help those with limited time and capacity to reach their goals and effectively manage the often overwhelming work of coordinating programmatic communications.

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  • Reaching your Audience Online

    Engaging real people online can be puzzling. Our Audience Assessment training is designed to help you better identify, reach, and engage your target audience through online channels through guided exercises in exploring and defining your target online audience and goals.

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  • Coordinating your Online Channels

    Take the guess work out of daily communications work by defining a process for consistent use of channels and thorough diffusion of messages. During this training we'll introduce a simple spreadsheet template that will help you to optimize the coordination of messages across communication channels and plan where and how audiences will see your content.

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  • Calendaring your Messaging

    Explore the art of planning when your audience will see your content. We'll introduce a simple spreadsheet, to design your narrative arc and check consistency at a glance. This training features real world calendar example to help you learn how to schedule content relative to important dates on your mission driven agenda.

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  • Listening Online

    Real online engagement is like a conversation, conveying your message while also listening to others'. Gain insight into the conversation trends, pinpoint emerging influencers, and evaluate your message traction with processes and tools introduced in this training.

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  • Tracking Online Analytics

    Join us for this training to set your communications efforts up for success by understanding what metrics to track across online tools. We'll introduce workflows and proceses that fit your capacity to track your online efforts, gauge effectiveness, learn and improve.

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