California Nonprofit Technology Festival, Los Angeles 2019

ca tech festCalifornia Nonprofit Technology Festivals are Aspiration's state-wide, participant-driven gatherings designed to unite and empower nonprofit staff, community organizers, social justice techies, activists, students, and fellow capacity builders to share knowledge, build tech capacity, and foster relationships for social change.

The CA Tech Fest is envisioned as a safe and collaborative space for folks to share their thoughts, engage in critical dialogue, and build genuine connections across movements and networks. The agenda is designed for folks who want to grow their technology skills and strategic knowledge while connecting with others who are passionate about building and organizing across movements.

Sliding scale registration and registration scholarships are available for those who need support getting there. Email us to learn more.

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Building on CA Tech Fest 2018

CA Tech Fest

Our most recent CA Nonprofit Technology Festival took place in Fresno, CA, where an inspiring network of local leaders collaborated with allies from around the state to build tech capacity, connect movements, and strengthen networks of rural and urban leaders across the state.

We have had many suggestions and requests to convene the next CA Tech Fest in Los Angeles. So, we're in the early stages of planning and collaborating with local community members to make it happen!

Connect with us if you're interested in playing a bigger role in bringing this year's gathering to life.

Things you can learn at CA Tech Fest

While much of the agenda will be co-created with participants in the time leading up to the event, topics that are likely to be on the agenda include:

  • Technology strategy and planning: processes and practices for richly integrating technology into programs, campaigns, and other community efforts.
  • Best practices for online communications, including coordinating messaging and online channels as well as using analytics to measure reach and engagement.
  • Practical digital security: what steps you can take to better protect organizational data and utilize more sustainable practices.
  • Paying for technology: how to limit costs while also finding ways to pay for essential tools and services.
  • Managing and protecting your organization's online identity, from domain names to contact information to security certificates and other elements of online identity.
  • Managing technology projects, both in terms of scoping deliverables and roles to actually seeing things through to completion.
  • Facilitative leadership: developing collaborative, open processes to address tech needs, co-design solutions and campaigns, and mutually empower collective outcomes.

Sessions at past events have been led in English and Spanish, on topics including digital storytelling, video production, data visualization, online and offline communications strategies, website maintenance, text and email encryption, protecting organizational data, and activist self-care.

Check out the most recent event agenda and session notes on our CA Tech Fest wiki.

Co-creating the Agenda

CA Tech Fest young leaders

The CA Tech Fest is participant-driven at every level and is designed as a combination of planned sessions and participant-led discussions. To make sure the topics reflect the needs, passions, and talents of the people in the room, agenda topics are based on input contributed by participants both before and during the event.

We invite requests and suggestions on agenda topics and outcomes that would make your time at the event feel meaningful and well spent. We encourage you to bring your stories, ideas, questions, and knowledge to share. If there is a session or discussion you would like to facilitate or if you have an idea for the agenda, let us know.

Help us co-create safe and accessible spaces

We strive to host accessible events that maximize the opportunity of all individuals to participate and engage wholly in all spaces and activities, in full respect of cultural and linguistic identities, care needs, and abilities.

For inquiries about accessibility or accommodation requests, please get in touch with us. Feel free to email us or give us a call at 415-839-6456.

We invite you to check out our Participant Guidelines and Event Expectations for sharing and exploration at Aspiration events. All participants will be expected to help create the most inclusive and safe space possible by honoring the Participant Guidelines and Expectations.

We welcome suggestions and ideas for how we can create even more inclusive and accessible spaces at our events. Share your thoughts with us.

Let us help you get there

CA Tech Fest young leaders

If you're passionate about social justice and technology and want to participate but need support getting there, please let us know. We would love to have you there and want to find a way to make it work. We have sliding scale registration, registration scholarships, and limited travel stipends for those who need them. Please get in touch with us to discuss options.

Reach out to us if you want to connect or have any questions about attending. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Gunner and the Aspiration team have been an incredible inspiration and resource for us at OpenNews. From facilitating at events like MozFest, we learned about inclusive, engaging, collaborative event design that has shaped our own event SRCCON and influenced the community we serve in journalism.

Erika Owens, OpenNews
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