No-Cost Offerings in May & June

In trying to meet nonprofit organizations where they are at on their tech capacity building journey, we are pleased to offer no cost services in a variety of formats. We welcome and encourage you to take advantage of our offerings, whether you can benefit most from joining in on a nonprofit tech seminar or webinar, or by taking advantage of our ad hoc support.

Circle of Tech Support in Coachella, California

We love the work of grassroots and social justice organizations doing advocacy and community work in rural parts of California around issues as diverse as water safety and health to worker's rights and violence prevention.


Having Fun at CA Tech Fest with Mozilla Teach the Web tools

We had an amazing time at the #CATechFest Coachella on May 3 - 4, 2013 with the California crew of young folks, nonprofit staff, capacity builders, and community organizers.

Effective Email Newsletter Seminar Materials

The following materials are from the Effective Email Newsletters seminar on April 23, 2013. We hope you found the lunch hour to be useful and learned some tips to craft effective email newsletters.

Four Processes for Online Sustainability

Aspiration provides a range of eAdvocacy resources related to online communications and best practices in nonprofit technology.

4 processes

The following materials are part of our Four Processes for Sustainable Online Impact trainings. The workshops teach essential strategies for getting the most out of various online channels as an organization.

April 2013 Seminars

Aspiration’s Online and San Francisco Tech Center Seminars

This Spring we are so pleased to hold space for nonprofits to come together for 1-hour, no-cost, lunchtime tech seminars and webinars. Every seminar and webinar is open to nonprofit staff to discuss organizational communications processes and strategies.


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