eAdvocacy Capacity Building - Central Valley

The Central Valley arm of Aspiration's eAdvocacy Capacity Building Program, funded by California Consumer Protection Foundation, seeks to work with organizations and community organizers to address the specific technological needs in the Central Valley of California.

What are we doing?

There are many grassroots and social justice organizations doing advocacy work in the Central Valley around issues as diverse as water safety and health to worker's rights and violence prevention.

Our 2011 Central Valley program will offer a set of no-cost trainings to cities and towns across the Central Valley focusing on a range of ways to integrate online campaigning, social media and internet tools and best practices into existing organizational campaigns and programs.

We believe that these organizations are the experts in their fields. We want to support and bolster the online efforts of Central Valley organizations and their constituents to continue to carry out their incredible work.

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How can I get involved?

The program is currently gathering information on the interests, needs, capacity and logistics of nonprofit and social justice organizations in the Central Valley.

We invite your input. Let us know if:
  • you are interested in attending no-cost trainings focused on organizational online communications
  • have a venue (office, conference room, community center) that could host a training and allow other organizations to gather together
  • know other organizations that might be interested in being included

If any of this applies to you, please email us.

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Where can I get more info?

Join the California eAdvocacy Discuss List; an email list for those doing online advocacy in the Central Valley. A space to collaborate, ask questions, discuss online strategy and connect with others.

New! Read the Central Valley Blog to get a behind the scenes look at what's happening next.

Check out the Previous Central Valley Aspiration Visits!

View Aspiration's entire library of training materials online. All materials are distributed under a Creative Commons license: Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5.

We welcome comments, suggestions and any other feedback. Please email us

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"Thank you for bringing together these incredible people, modelling a welcoming stance, and empowering us to develop real relationships!"

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