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How To Get Started On Twitter (Plus Insider Tips)

At the San Francisco Nonprofit Technology Center, we had an awesome lesson based conversation with Lena from Twitter about the basic and behind the scenes look at Twitter.

Lena From Twitter at the SFNTC

What are your recommendations for someone just starting out on Twitter?

“The Twitter adoption curve is very steep”
- Lena

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Email Newsletter Testing in Modesto

On July 26, we went to Modesto to support a small grassroots nonprofit, Congregations Building Community, start an email newsletter for their organization. They are doing amazing work in the community and want a place to share it with their supporters. You can join their email newsletter list on their blog here: http://cbcstan.org/blog/.

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New Add-Ons for Your Publishing Matrix

A Publishing Matrix is a tool we use to help nonprofits create an organizational process for their online communications. Basically, it is a grid that lays out the content an organization publishes online as well as the channels where the content is published. Think of it as the skeleton of your communication’s plan. Here’s a quick view of a sample Publishing Matrix:

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Are Email Discussion Lists Over?

Email discussion lists are vibrant and useful for techies in the nonprofit technology space. But, are they still relevant to introduce as a communication tool for people who do not currently use them, especially with the boom of social networks?

What is an Email Discussion List?

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July 1: Starting Your Nonprofit on Social Media - Sacramento

Hi Everyone,

We have a wait list for our June 30 Sacramento training so we're offering another time slot for the intro training in Sacramento on July 1, 2011. Register today!

Join us for a collaborative training designed to help nonprofits coordinate their online communications and make sense of using different online tools like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.


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