Coordinating your Online Channels with a Publishing Matrix

Event Date(s): 
February 23, 2012

Ramp up your online communications with our no-cost workshop about how to coordinate your online communications at your nonprofit.

Many nonprofits find it confusing to manage and effectively coordinate organizational messages and campaigns across the several social media outlets, blogs, and communications channels that exist. This workshop gives nonprofits a framework in which to look at different communications channels and develop an online communications strategy for their organization.

How to Create a Message Calendar

Event Date(s): 
February 9, 2012

Is all of your online campaign and organizational messaging scheduled and tracked on a unified calendar that is visible to all stakeholders? This session will explain the process of creating and maintaining a messaging calendar, as well as the potential value to your organization. In addition, the design of a “narrative arc” will be described and correlated to calendaring strategies.

Introduction to Online Analytics

Event Date(s): 
February 2, 2012

This lunch time seminar will introduce participants to different “analytics” or metrics around the tools they use for online communications. View the Analytics training materials here.

Many organizations are using online communications tools but do not keep track of the easily accessible metrics that let them know whether or not they are making progress on their goals. Analytics can be a scary topic for anyone having to answer the questions “is this working?”

Central Valley Testimonials

Aspiration recently conducted a series of eAdvocacy trainings for grass roots nonprofit organizations in cities throughout the Central Valley of California. To find out more about the Central Valley trainings visit Central Valley eAdvocacy Past Events.

The participants had this to say about the trainings with Aspiration:


2011 Nonprofit Software Development Summit

Event Date(s): 
November 16, 2011 to November 18, 2011

Aspiration's Annual NPTechie Love Fest took place right on schedule this year, 16-18 November at Preservation Park in Oakland.

  • Check out the Agenda and session notes from the event!
  • Let us know if you want to propose or request a session for the 2012 Dev Summit! There is always plenty of room for more!

A big love bomb of thanks to all who joined us for this and past Dev Summit's, as well as all of you who will join in the fun at next year's high-spirited, fully-interactive festival of folks who are passionate about developing software tools to support the work of social change organizations and community activists.

California Consumer Protection Foundation - Grantee Summit

Event Date(s): 
November 10, 2011
10 November, 2011

Aspiration is quite honored that the California Consumer Protection Foundation (CCPF) has invited us to organize and facilitate their 2011 Grantee Summit, which will bring together over 60 CCPF grantees from across the state.

Event Venue

The event is being held at the lovely Preservation Park in Oakland, California.


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