California Nonprofit Technology Festival

The California Nonprofit Technology Festival is our state-wide, participant driven gathering where nonprofit staff, social justice organizers, techies, activists, and students can share knowledge, build capacity, and foster relationships for social change.

We are grateful for all the stories shared, friendships made, and happy hours indulged in at the various California Nonprofit Technology Festivals.

Next #CATechFest?

Next #CATechFest?

Watsonville, CA April 2016

CA Tech Fest Watsonville

We're looking for a place to host the next CA Tech Fest. Want to co-organize one in your city? Let us know!


Bakersfield, July 2015 CA Tech Fest Bakersfield


Richmond, September 2014

CA Tech Fest Richmond


Los Angeles, April 2014

CA Tech Fest LA


Sacramento, September 2013

CA Tech Fest Sacramento


Coachella, May 2013 CA Tech Fest Coachella


Fresno, September 2012

CA Tech Fest Fresno


Much love and thanks to the California Consumer Protection Foundation for their ongoing support of the CA Tech Fests and other nonprofit capacity building efforts in California!

"Amazing facilitation, inspiring participants and open sharing of knowledge. It's always the highlight of my year."

Courtney Miller, Floatleft
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